Minimalist Chrome Extension to Protect Your Flow from Tweets

protik is a minimalist chrome extension app that helps protecting your flow from Tweets.

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If you use Twitter via normal browser from time to time while you're working, there's likely a chance that you will encounter with distractions or unnecessary views from other Twitter users.

Those might have impact on your flow of productivity, or self-thought. I've experienced this problem myself, and I got tired of it. So I decided to create this tool to help me although it seems simple enough but it solves my problem. I hope it will help you as well.

protik screenshot protik helps filtering Tweets, keep your flow

It only works on main Twitter's home page (at which is where all new Tweets will be flowing in. By default, it will remove all Tweets from your feed unless you have entered exception list.


  • Help filtering Tweets to only people you want to hear from via exception list
  • Work seamlessly across multiple Twitter-site tabs on Chrome
  • Your exception list is saved and synced whenever you sign in to any other computer with your Google account
  • Offer free trial period for 15 days! Whenever it ends, you can still use it as long as you want but just that first 3 Twitter handles in exception list will be taken into effect. Of course, without delete your saved long exception list. Or just pay to use it for lifetime with future updates.

Watch til the match ends, you will know the reason of all actions in the game

The best suggested approach to effectively use this chrome extension is ...

You use protik while you're working on your computer. Your exception list will grow over time when you use Twitter on mobile in which in most case is the relaxing time and probably needs less filtering mechanism. Thus you grab Twitter handles (per say usernames) you want to hear from then enter into text area of exceptoin list. This happens gradually overtime. As well as, keep adjusting your exception list to match your style or kind of information you want to receive during the productive day.

With this, your flow will be protected during the most important time of your day.


protik is open source. You can check it out at the link to Github above.

You can support us by purchasing iAP item of lifetime usage before or after you reach the end of trial period.

Download protik from chrome webstore today.

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