On-Going Update & Roadmap for HeaTap

We released HeaTap 0.8.2. See our internal notes, and roadmap for the app. See what's new for now and future.

Posted by Wasin Thonkaew on October 22, 2017

From the past few weeks, we\'ve rolled out private access of HeaTap to our local friends, and local applet developer community. We got a few of valuable suggestions and feedback that we considered and already put them into our backlog for future update. Thank you again for your feedback ! It helps us a lot.

Up to this point, we've fixed several bugs, and applied several improvements to the app's codebase. Some people asked whether the app is 100% complete right now. To make it clear, it's not yet. It has essential features as its foundation to let users who want to use it now able to try it, but it gets expanded and added with future updates constantly. This means you can try, give us some feedback or even suggest features you would like to see in the app in parallel of while we're developing this.

So for this time, we would like to share with you our internal note, updates in v.0.8.2, and our roadmap going forward.

    Internal Notes & Update Report

If you like to see what's behind the scene, and see what we're working, you come to the right place as we also would like to show you as much as possible all of our process and workflow towards making HeaTap, and our future projects.

Design of Account & Subscription screen

In Reality of both screens implemented in the app

Recently we modified our automated deploying script to handle both live & debugging environment to make it work seamlessly when we need to quickly test something in debugging environment, or push a hotfix or new feature to live environment. It automates in a way that there's no manual steps required. Just hit command, it takes care the less ranging from packing up built files into .zip, uploading to our server, execute custom script on server, kill an existing process if it's running, start a new process. All done.

Plan to set up debugging and live deployment environment

Next up is we would like to let you know about how we would be sharing our progress on development including new features, bug fixes, and others along the way. We come up with an idea of making update leaflet for new version update. So users can direct QR-Scan then access the app right away, or even read about what's news in this release. See more info in next section for what this will look like.

    0.8.2 is live!

An update leaflet for this release is as follows

If you connected with one of our team in WeChat, you probably see this leaflet sharing around in WeChat Moments as well. It is very clear to users of what's new in certain release.

As well in this version, we implemented Release Notes section that allows you to see detail of changes for each version released. So you can compare, see what's changed, what's news, anything needs to be aware. Thus whenever you stuck up on something, you know right away whether newer version fixed this issue or not, or whether you're at the older version so you can decide to update the app now or later. See above leftlet for more detail on how to access such feature.

    How to Access HeaTap?

As always, this is a note for those who didn't know yet that you can always access HeaTap and our other applets in the future via our WeChat Official Account (气包子). See the following on how to do just that.

How to access HeaTap or other applets (in the future)

via our WeChat Official Account (气包子)


As we have stable version that you can Pin & Paint without issues right now, we can pave the way going forward for the roadmap for HeaTap itself.

Based on feedback, and suggestion from our beloved first testing group. We considered each feedback carefully, then put them into our roadmap as we think it makes sense and can be very useful in use-case scenario.

Roadmap & Backlogs for our internal task via flag-type post-it notes

Roughly speaking, until we hit version 1.0, the following is the roadmap to achieve that goal.

  1. Roadmap 1

    1. Showing route to target marker
      Users then can navigate to target location. We was also considering to add auto-follow user's current location on map. So no need to frequent hit Go to current location button on top-left corner in main screen.

    2. Markers & Circles management
      To allow user to manage, and see detail of all markers and circles they have Pinned and Painted on the map. You can see the following disabled menu item in account page for a while now. Yes, this is the feature we will be implementing.

      Disabled menu item that you probably have seen for a while now

  2. Roadmap 2

    1. CI (Command Interface) with our WeChat Official Account (气包子)
      We have to research and try implementing this feature out to see the possibility in terms of techniques. One of feedback came in that ability to notify whether you're near such marker's location to tell you what've you done, or alert that you're near are lovely to have. Technically, you have to always open our applet app but who will do that, so the only way we can think of now is to integrate the workflow with our official account to provide such similar ability.

      We will seek for possibility of useful interaction for this CI feature when the time comes. Notifier and alerter are the very first we was thinking about if this possible.

    2. Revamp map UI
      This bugs us for quite a while especially myself. We think that there should be more fluid and intuitive UI to reduce steps and times it takes to reach certain feature of the app. What we're talking about here is filtering, switching between mode, and activate selection of target marker on the map.

      Combine this with limitation of platform API we need to rely on as well. This will be a challenging task to overcome.

  3. Roadmap 3

    1. Payment API for Subscription
      As we acquired micro-payment license for our account thus towards all future applets we would be developing, payment API is accessible and able to be tested. From start, we didn't have access to complete full loop of payment API. Now is possible.

      We researched and tried to understand what should be done in order to have this ability ready; as for our case is subscription-based payment. There's nothing like this on WeChat platform (although it's possibly could be if you acquired 3rd party micro-payment license but it seems complicated and more resource to put into to acquire such thing). Thus we will develop our own solution. Technically possible.

      You might ask why we're telling you this. We would like to be clear for all areas we work towards. Transparency is what the approach we took to share with you along the way of this journey.

    Last But Not Least

That's it for this update. As always, feel free to connect with us both our official account or individual. Feel free to let us know what you think, share with us your feedback if you use the app.

Thanks for taking time in digesting our update.

See you next time.